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Carbs does not equal BREAD!



I’ve read a lot lately that your carb intake needs to be 50% of what you eat during the day. I didn’t believe that was right- there’s no way. How can you tell someone coming in to lose weight that they need to take on the bread. Well – don’t believe the hype because it’s not true. There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. I found out, thankfully not the hard way, by showing my mother the MyFitnessPal application on my phone. It stated that I needed to bring in 50% Carbohydrates. What?! That’s insane! My mom then asked how people were supposed to lose weight if they’re eating that many carbs. I researched my application and it was then I realized that I had already reached my goal for carbs at 52%. I hadn’t even eaten any bread that day. After looking through my nutrition facts that day I was stunned to see that my carb intake was solely from raw fruits and vegetables. Do you know how much bread I would have been eating if I didn’t know-or realize. I decided to share a picture to show you the difference between good and bad carbs. If we choose good carbs rather than the bad, maybe one day we can all dominate the changing room and we can stop living in fear.  



Photo Credit: http://www.runninginpinkproject.com/2014/05/