Do you ever wake up and just hate being a woman. Ok, maybe that only happens to me once a month – for about 5 days. In those 5 days I could seriously eat your pantry and mine. I look like I’m pregnant and I have no motivation to even open my eyes. I wish life would just fly by. Why do they have to be 5 days long, I feel sorry for anyone that has a longer period, because in a week I could do some damage in my kitchen. I’m sure my boyfriend can’t wait for menopause. Maybe that’s why he’s still only my boyfriend..that’s a thought. He’s probably hoping for the peaceful, dreamy girlfriend who’s always happy and never is standing in the kitchen holding a knife because he left his plate on the side of the sink instead of putting it in the trashcan! Ugh, why the eff does he do that anyways. I could KILL him!! When I’m on my period, I become a bloodhound. I can sniff out chocolate anywhere. Excuse me, but do you happen to have chocolate in your soda? No? LIAR! If I’m not a gigantic hog on my period, after 5 days the weight I’ve just gained – I lose rather quick. Once these next 5 days are over, I’ll start working out again- I swear! 

Right after I watch this movie and cry about it for the next 10 hours.


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