Let me start off by saying I’m not good at spelling or grammar. And I know this is a blog but I don’t own a video camera nor do I feel like primping to make one lol.  Ok so the video up top is way overboard on what women are like in the dressing room, but don’t we all get that way at some time or an other? I know I do! It’s the entire dressing room experience. Picking out 3 different sizes to take with you, walking around to find the room, and even the thought of having to take off put on take off and put on makes me want to run away. (Now for those of you that love shopping I am not your girl. I like to get what I want and get out.)  any who i undress put on whatever I’m trying on and believe me I’m going for the smallest size first,and then it happens. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a quiet room with a huge mirror  and so small all you have are your thoughts. But I’m standing with a shirt that is super tight around my arms and not covering my entire stomach. And pants that need about a foot hemmed so I don’t look shorter than I already am. And let’s face it I’ve gained weight. So there cutting off my circulation as I try to breathe… So I get depressed. I might cry I might get mad. I start questioning every mistake I’ve made when it comes to my life. It’s awful….then I get the joy of shopping with my mother who is giving me the ‘really the next size Jennifer’ stare and I just want to crawl in a hole and well eat some chips and tasty cakes! -Jen


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